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PD3 is a leader in design and production of consumables for composites manufacturing, custom elastomeric tooling and composite production fixtures. We are specialists in cured and uncured silicone, FKM and Viton.

Uncured Silicone Sheet

Low tack, stocked at 0.08" thickness

S720 Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

High tack, stocked at 0.03" thickness

S721 Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

Uncured Viton / FKM Sheet & Tape

Viton®, 75 duro, strong co-bond with silicone, stocked 0.03" thickness

F440 Data Sheet (PDF)

Cured Silicone Sheet, High Strength

Grey, fine surface texture, stocked at 0.062" thickness, 40 duro or 50 duro hardness. Perfect for vacuum bags and debulk tables.

CS01, 40 Duro Data Sheet (PDF)

CS01, 50 Duro Data Sheet (PDF)

Quick Disconnect Fitting Set - Viton Seals

QDFx Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

1.5" Threaded Probe for Silicone

TP150 Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

2.5" Threaded Probe for Nylon

TP250 Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

Resin Infusion Connectors, Groove Bottom (1/2", 5/8", 3/4")

PRCx Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

Resin Infusion Connectors, Flat Bottom (1/2", 5/8", 3/4")

PRCx2 Data Sheet (PDF) | Video

Double O-Ring Infusion Valves (10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 18mm OD)

IV10 (PDF) | IV12 (PDF) | IV14 (PDF) | IV18 (PDF)

Flow Media Mesh Wrapped Spiral Resin Feed Line 8" Wide Skirt, (1/2") 12mm OD tube

FM12 Data Sheet (PDF)

Vacuum Gauge

VG250 Data Sheet (PDF)





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